What’s Up With the Duck?




You may have noticed there is a duck appearing in a few places on the site.  If you have already visited The Wreck Room Saloon, you have no doubt noticed there is a strong duck presence in the bar as well.  So, we often get asked “What’s the deal with the ducks”.

Well, it started quite a few years ago, before we even owned a bar.  We were hosting a Christmas party for the pool team that we played with on Wednesday nights.  We wanted to make everyone a stocking full of the usual goodies, but also packed with pool related items.  We came up with a couple obvious ideas like chalk and powder.  Then we grabbed some pencils and pens and mini clip lights for scorekeeping.  The problem was that we wanted to include something different.  After looking all over the store, we happened to be in the party favor section and saw a small bag full of rubber ducks.  The league we played in required players to mark the pocket when shooting the 8 ball, so we thought we would give each person a duck as a neat pocket marker.  The recipients of the stockings were quite pleased, but little did we know the duck saga had just begun.

Before we knew it, people were asking for ducks.  We were putting clips on them so people could hang them on their pool case.  Soon, we were online and buying rubber ducks in bulk.  We would go to leagues or to a tournament and there were ducks hanging on pool cases everywhere we looked.  As the phenomenon kept growing duck pictures started showing up facebook from all over the country.  People would pose their ducks in various places and at various events and send us pictures.  So, when we opened The Wreck Room Saloon, the duck sort of became our mascot by default and soon people were bringing in ducks they found.  So, we save and display the ducks people bring us in and we still give out ducks to people who join pool teams.  It is crazy how it all started, but we have grown fond of the duck mascot.

“Team Ducks”
All the way from England
The Sturgis duck