$4 Shot Specials

We change it up but we always have $4 shot specials at The Wreck Room Saloon

Everyone loves a bargain! We don’t expect our customers to be any different. We always offer $4 shot specials on various brands.  We change up the specials from time to time so you never know what is going to be on special.  So, you have to come in for a visit to find out the drink specials at The Wreck Room Saloon.

The Golden Balls

The Golden Balls or Golden Keychains are a highly sought after prize at The Wreck Room Saloon.  The holder is entitled to one free drink a day.  The catch is that the current holder must accept challenges.  There is a Golden Ball for 8, 9 and 10 ball.  When challenged you play the game matching the challenged keychain.  The current owner gets first break, then the break alternates in a race to 3.  If the challenger wins, the keychain is passed on the challenger or the current owner retains the keychain if they win the match.  There is a board showing who is currently in possession of each Golden Ball.  Besides the free drink, the Golden Balls come with barring rights so these keychains generate some fierce competition.  

Bartender Drink Specials / Feature Bottles

In addition to our already great prices, we also have featured brands and flavors at a discount price and our bartenders make up their own drink specials at a discount price.  The feature liquor and bartender specials change frequently so there is always a surprise awaiting you at The Wreck Room Saloon.

Ring Toss

Test your skill and create your own drink specials at The Wreck Room Saloon.  Yet another customer favorite, the ring toss board is hanging behind the bar.  The game is simple, you stand in front of the bar and toss a ring at the board and you win a prize depending on which hook catches the ring.  Prizes vary from discounts to a free drink or a free beer.  The added twist is the number 13.  Land on this hook and you buy someone else a drink or a beer.  Customers get on toss per bartender shift.