Pool Leagues at The Wreck Room Saloon

We can’t say enough about pool leagues.  Everyone we convince to join us a leagues, regardless of skill level has said they are glad they joined.  Leagues are perfect for singles and couples.  They get you out of the house at least one night week and they provide an atmosphere of friendly competition and a good time with friends and family.  If you have never joined a pool league, I strongly encourage you to check out the information on this page and give it a try.  You won’t be sorry.  The Wreck Room Saloon offers a variety of pool leagues, formats and nights you can play.  We have currently have evening leagues Monday through Thursday and afternoon leagues on Sunday.  Leagues are always starting up and we are always considering new formats and times so check back often.  Below is our current league schedule and some basic information about the various leagues we are currently hosting.

Current League Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Wreck Room League       15 Teams (7pm)      
VNEA League 5 Teams (7pm)            
NAPA League 2 Teams (7pm) 5 Teams (7pm)         4 Teams (2pm)
APA League    1 Team (7pm) 6 Teams (7pm)        

Wreck Room Leagues

The Wreck Room Saloon has been running an in-house league for four years and we have paid out over $57,000 in those 4 years.  The format is a 27 game 3 person round robin format.  In the past we have played 9 ball only but are currently testing a mixed 8, 9 and 10 format.  The league is not handicapped but the mixture of players includes all skill levels.  You might play a tough team and score low one week, but rest assured you will bounce back in the following weeks.  Wreck Room Leagues pay back on an individual basis with the player receiving $2 for every game they win in a session.  The cost of the league is $13 per week.  At the end of each session we host an end of session tournament for all players who played at least a minimum number of matches.  There is a cash payout and a player auction that takes place before the tournament begins.  Typically, our player auctions bring around $3-4000.  This is a great league with a great mixture of players.  We have watched first hand as the members of this league grow grow their knowledge and skill regarding pool. Contact us here at The Wreck Room for more information on this league.

VNEA (Valley) Leagues

VNEA (Valley National Eight Ball Association) leagues are run by vendor charter and offer divisions ranging from Open “A” lagues to “C” leagues based on the level of the players on the team.  They offer both 8 ball and 9 ball leagues. VNEA league format is round robin, with each team member playing each of their opponents one game.  The league is handicapped at the team level based on the total of individual handicaps.  One team spots the other team a given number of points per round.  VNEA leagues pay a portion of the money back to the players after each session.  The payback system based on what place team your team finishes within your division.  Payouts are at the end of each session and paid at the team level.  Each team decides how they want to handle individual player payouts.  The league cost is $10 per week plus and annual $25 fee.  VNEA hosts an International Championship event each year in Las Vegas, NV.  Teams and individuals can sign up to play in the event and the qualifications are based on league activity and do not require winning any tournaments or events to qualify.  The league also offers regional events around the Rocky Mountain area.  The Wreck Room VNEA league rep is Cindy Plank and you can learn more about the league at www.vnea.com.

NAPA Leagues

NAPA leagues offer 8, 9 and 10 ball formats as well as laggers choice and double play formats.  Laggers choice allows the winner of the lag to choose either the game to be played or the break.  Double play formats incorporate 2 formats in the same night of play.  NAPA leagues are handicapped on an individual basis and scoring is handled online.  The handicap system is based on player skill level and consists of reducing the amount of games needed to win for the lower ranked player.  The league also has a very comprehensive online stats application that lets you see your stats in a variety of ways. The league pays out at the end of each session on a per team basis.  Teams can decide how they want to pay the individual players.  The cost of the league is $10 per week for normal play and $12 for double play.  NAPA does not charge annual sanction fees.  NAPA is currently hosting a “Nationals Tour” with regional events being held in various locations.  The top 16 shooters from each of these regional events will then advance to a shootout to be held in New Orleans, LA.  The local league rep is Cheryl Jones and you can find plenty of information at www.napaleagues.com.

APA Leagues

APA pool leagues are handicapped and they offer leagues 8 ball, 9 ball and double jeopardy formats.  The double jeopardy leagues play both and 8 and 9 ball on the same night of play.  The handicap system differs between 8 ball and 9 ball.  In 8 ball, the system reduces the number of games needed to win a match for the lower ranked player.  In 9 ball, the scoring is done per ball and the number of points needed to win a match is reduced for lower ranked player.  Another important note is that APA players are ranked on a 1-9 system for 9 ball and a 2-7 system for 8 ball.  In either case, however, there is a team limit per night of 23 points.  This rule is important to keep in mind if you are looking for a team that has predominantly higher ranked players.  APA does not pay cash back at the end of session.  The cost of the league is $6 per week per match and a $25 annual fee.  The APA does have the largest and highest paying National Championship events.  Team championships are in August of each year and singles championships are in April of each year.  The APA nationals event is a spectacular event held in Las Vegas, NV.  In addition to the main event there is Mini Tournaments going 20 hours a day and plenty of booths to check out.  You are required to qualify you or your team can play in Nationals.  For more information about APA check out www.poolplayers.com.

BCA Leagues

BCA pool leagues are very similar to VNEA leagues in terms for formats and rule sets.  The league offers both 8 ball and 9 ball format.  The leagues is handicapped on an individual player level and then the handicap is applied at the team level during a team event.  BCA pays cash back at the end of each session.  Again, the cash is on a per team basis and the team must decide upon a method of payment for individual players.  BCA also offers a World Championship competition in Las Vegas, NV around the end of July.  They have singles and team events at the international event and players are free to join and participate provided they have enough BCA plays and scores in the system.  You do not have to win any qualifiers or city tournaments to play in Vegas.  The Wreck Room is not currently hosting any BCA sanctioned leagues at this time, but we can help you with your qualification for Las Vegas just by playing leagues with us.  Please reach out to us for more information about qualification and keep an eye here for BCA sanctioned leagues coming soon.  We are working to sanction to our current in-house leagues.  To learn more about BCA visit www.playcsipool.com