Family Owned / Family Operated

It’s what makes us great

The Wreck Room Saloon is a family owned and operated business.  We strongly believe that is what makes us so great.  While not all of our employes are relatives, they are family and they respect the business and the customers just as much as we do.  Because we are family run, we are also family friendly.  That might sound strange for a bar but it is true.  We host events throughout the year that are family friendly such as holiday parties and pool events for junior players.  We take great pride in the fact that we have an establishment where people feel safe and do not fear bringing their family in to enjoy a game of pool or be part of a celebration.  What we want people to know the most about The Wreck Room Saloon is that we strive to provide a fun, friendly environment and not just a place to drink.

Come and see for yourself and you will understand what we mean.  

Billiards and a Whole Lot More!

We are more than just a bar

A lot of our promotional materials have our tag line “Billiards and whole lot more!”.  Customers sometimes see all the pool tables and naturally ask what is the whole lot more?  Let us tell you a little about The Wreck Room Saloon and try to answer that question.

Clearly we are a tavern and our entertainment is centered primarily around pool.  As has been mentioned before on this site, we also had a goal when we started the business to create an environment where people feel welcome.  Simply put, we don’t want to be a bar where you simply come to drink.  We want to be the place where you come to enjoy the other patrons, our staff and be part of something that always makes you want to come back for more.  We have not done our job unless you feel like The Wreck Room would not be the same place without you!

Finally, the answer to the “whole lot more” question is what we do to try and create the environment we strive to achieve and what we believe makes us different from most taverns.  We try to always go above and beyond the typical bar or pool hall experience.  We host professional players like Florian “Venom” Kohler or Mike Massey to do trick shot exhibitions or engage players in challenge matches.  We have customer and employee appreciation nights at Red Rocks.  We have annual Christmas parties, or themed parties that we dream up.  We host an annual “Beat the Staff” tournament that is popular with all of the customers.  We offer little things to set us apart like the “Golden Balls”.  So, in closing, the whole lot more is all the little things we do to try and make us different from any other place you could go to just shoot pool or have a drink.  We want to make every customer know they are what sets us apart from our competition.  In our humble opinion, what you need to know about The Wreck Room Saloon is that we provide an experience, not just a place to have a drink.

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